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Case history of an amputee truck driver
Mr. Chi was a truck driver when he had a mine accident in 1974 at the age of 41, which cost him a leg. His family charge consisted then of ten children, the youngest kid being only two years old.

Mr. Chi was fitted with a prosthesis several months later after the accident. He had no other choice than to continue driving trucks with his artificial leg in order to take care of his large family. He succeeded to cope with his job until 1980 when he had to stop since he could not renew his driving licence, because of his handicap.

He then taught one of his sons to drive a truck and accompanied him in his journey. Mr. Chi so continued until his sixties to maintain his family. “Without my artificial leg, subsidized by the ICRC Special Fund for the Disabled, I would never be able to fulfil my obligations as a head of family”, Mr. Chi said this with a strong conviction in his voice and on his face, all wrinkled.

Mr. Chi waiting for a new prosthesis at the Ho Chi Minh Rehabilitation Centre, 14 January 2010.

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