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The Friends of the ICRC


The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals with a personal commitment to our work. As well as being donors, the Friends are a rock on which the ICRC can build its future.

We launched the Friends of the ICRC to mark 150 years of humanitarian history, bringing together some of our most generous and loyal donors to support the ICRC's emergency operations.

A major source of support for the ICRC

Donations from the Friends of the ICRC will go to wherever the need is greatest.

By definition, emergencies are unpredictable. We have to respond in hours or days. We will be able to use funds donated by the Friends as soon as emergency response is needed.

As well as funding our work during sudden tragedies like the Philippines typhoon, donations from the friends will help finance our work in forgotten crises, where it is difficult to mobilize public generosity.

How your long-term support helps those in urgent need

  • Rapid response – Regular private donations enable the ICRC to deploy as soon as an emergency arises.
  • Sustainability – Knowing that you are going to contribute regularly will help us plan and implement long-term, sustainable programmes in underfunded areas.

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Sabrina Bordji-Michel
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