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 If you are in a position to donate a large amount – maybe once, maybe occasionally, maybe on a regular basis – you can substantially increase our capacity to help people affected by conflict – quickly and efficiently. They need security and solidarity, which is exactly what you represent. Find out more.

What will your donation buy?

In the Philippines, for instance, your donation will help us to help those who lost everything in Typhoon Haiyan ...

CHF 9,500CHF 250,000CHF 15,000

4,000 jerrycans of fresh, clean water

A two-week food parcel for 3,000 families

Sleeping mats, blankets,
tarpaulins and mosquito nets
for 600 people


Recognition and support for our major donors

A large financial contribution represents a commitment on your part. In recognition of that commitment, the ICRC will:

  • invite you to special events and briefings;
  • send you personalized updates on the work that your donations are making possible;
  • mention you by name in our annual report or other publications (for gifts over CHF 10,000 – but only if you give your permission, of course);
  • put you in touch with a dedicated team of ICRC staff who will answer your queries.

Make your philanthropy a regular event – become a Friend of the ICRC

Single, large donations give us a reserve from which we can fund rapid-response operations. Regular donations enable us to plan, to commit to helping the victims of conflict long-term.

The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals who have committed themselves to making large, regular donations – at least CHF 5,000 a year. Their support is a rock on which the ICRC can build its future. Find out more about the Friends of the ICRC.

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More information

Philanthropy Manager
Sabrina Bordji-Michel
Tel: +41 22 730 30 31

Brochure: Become a Friend of the ICRC