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  • Armenia: ICRC regrets suspension of its work in support of civilians in Chinari village

    The delegation of the ICRC in Armenia regrets that it has had to suspend its work in support of civilians harvesting fields in Chinari village, Tavush Region, as a result of a shooting incident that occurred on 26 July. In accordance with its mandate to assist civilians adversely affected by armed conflict, the ICRC had agreed to a request made by Chinari village to be present as harvesters worked in fields situated at the international border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

    30-07-2014 News Release

  • Central African Republic: facts and figures

    The violent conflict that has rocked the Central African Republic since December 2013 has been particularly deadly, aggravating an already precarious situation. The ICRC and the Central African Red Cross Society are redoubling their efforts to bring aid to the people hardest hit.

    29-07-2014 Facts and Figures

  • Customary IHL – helping to improve the protection of victims of armed conflict

    The rules of customary international humanitarian law (IHL) improve the protection of victims of armed conflict, by complementing the safeguards provided by treaty law. The ICRC's head of project for customary law, Els Debuf, explains why customary IHL is so important and why the ICRC’s on-line Customary IHL Database, now four years old, is a vital tool for all those working on issues related to armed conflict and IHL.

    29-07-2014 Interview

  • Gaza - ICRC invokes the humanitarian imperative: Stop the killing!

    North Gaza, middle of the afternoon, on a street in front of a seven-storey building. A little boy is playing alone with a football. A man kneels down in front of him and smiles. Taking the boy's hand in his own and holding it as a caring uncle would, he says: "May God protect you."

    29-07-2014 Miscellaneous

  • ICRC recruitment services

    Need to contact us?

    28-07-2014 Contact

  • Afghanistan: If you educate a woman, you teach the whole family

    Many women in Afghanistan’s southern heartland are bound by centuries-old traditions that determine, what they wear and their freedom of movement outside the home. When they step outside, for example, women must be veiled, and they should be accompanied by a male guardian at all times.

    28-07-2014 Feature

  • Gaza: “I’ve never seen such devastation, so much destruction, so much blood...”

    Press conference held in Gaza by the ICRC's head of delegation in Israel and the occupied territories on 27 July 2014.

    28-07-2014 Press Briefing

  • Sri Lanka: Sustaining the work of the Jaffna Jaipur Centre into the future

    After nearly a decade, the ICRC is phasing out its support to the Jaffna Jaipur Centre for Disability Rehabilitation. Felix Trottman, an ortho-prosthetist who has worked for the ICRC’s Physical Rehabilitation Programme in various contexts since 1990, reflects on the expertise he has provided to the country’s disability programme, in particular to the Jaffna Jaipur Centre.

    28-07-2014 Interview

  • Colombia: Seeking solutions to the lack of respect for health services

    Saving lives is a risky activity for many health-care workers around the world. They face threats, crossfire and physical attacks on a daily basis. During 2012 and 2013, the ICRC documented 1,809 incidents of assaults or threats against patients, health-care personnel, ambulances and health-care facilities in 23 countries. Experts and authorities from Latin America will meet in Bogota to share experiences and find solutions.

    28-07-2014 Event

  • Colombia: International seminar seeks ways to better protect health services

    An international seminar on "Humanitarian consequences of the lack of respect and protection for health services," organized by Colombia's Ministry of Health and Social Protection with support from the ICRC, the Colombian Red Cross and the Norwegian Red Cross, will take place in Bogota, Colombia, from 29 to 31 July. International organizations and public health authorities and National Red Cross Societies from 12 Latin American countries will attend.

    28-07-2014 News Release

  • Gaza and West Bank: Reaching out to all victims amidst growing crisis

    The conflict now under way affecting the Gaza Strip and Israel is exacting an appalling price from the civilian population. While attempting to reach all people in need of help, humanitarian workers themselves face acute security risks.

    27-07-2014 Operational Update

  • No wonder Gazans are angry. The Red Cross can’t protect them

    Three ICRC vehicles are leaving Shujaia. They have rescued 11 people from the rubble but the intense combat has forced them back. As they depart an angry crowd of Palestinians attacks the vehicles with stones and sticks. “You are useless,” the crowd shouts. “You must protect us.”

    25-07-2014 Article

  • Philippines: Rebuilding storm-resilient shelters in Haiyan-stricken areas

    Haiyan, the world’s most powerful typhoon to make landfall, not only destroyed lives and livelihoods but left millions of houses in central Philippines in ruins. More than eight months after the typhoon battered the country, rebuilding efforts are well underway. Helene Plennevaux heads the ICRC's sub-delegation in Guiuan. In this audio slide show she tells us how the ICRC and the Philippine Red Cross are building storm-resilient shelters for thousands of families along the southern coast of Samar Island.

    25-07-2014 Feature

  • Somalia: Deteriorating food security

    Three years after the last severe food crisis that affected Somalia, rising numbers of the population are once again suffering acute problems and even more are at risk. Mohamed Sheikh Ali, who coordinates ICRC efforts to develop food production and relief efforts in the country describes the situation.

    25-07-2014 Interview

  • Ukraine: ICRC stresses urgency of recovering remains from MH17 site

    The ICRC is underlining the need to act quickly and follow proper procedures in searching for, collecting, managing and identifying the remains of those who died in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash on 17 July, as required under international humanitarian law.

    25-07-2014 News Release

  • A history of humanity: The three emblems of humanity

    While planning out their new volunteer relief society, Henry Dunant and the other ICRC founding members wanted to create a single, distinctive emblem to help distinguish health-care workers on the battlefield. The symbol they chose was a red cross on a white background. But while there was originally supposed to be only one emblem, two additional emblems were later adopted: the red crescent and the red crystal. Historian François Bugnion brings you the story of the three emblems of humanity.

    25-07-2014 Interview

  • Syria: Red Cross and Red Crescent alarmed about water shortages

    Lack of rain, low water levels, armed conflict and damaged water and sanitation infrastructure are causing a worsening drought in Syria with dire humanitarian consequences for millions, warns the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

    25-07-2014 News Release

  • Gaza: ICRC condemns killing of Red Crescent volunteer

    An emergency medical worker was killed and three others wounded, one critically, when two ambulances from the Palestine Red Crescent Society came under attack today in Beit Hanoun, Gaza.

    25-07-2014 News Release

  • Rwanda: National round table to improve health services in prisons

    A national round table on further improving health services in prisons, held in the capital Kigali on 22 and 23 July, was attended by 60 participants from the Rwanda Correctional Service, the Ministry of Internal Security, the Ministry of Health, and national and international non-governmental organizations. The meeting was organized in partnership with the ICRC.

    24-07-2014 News Release

  • International Humanitarian Law Bibliography

    The quarterly ICRC International Humanitarian Law Bibliography lists references to English and French publications on international humanitarian law. The bibliography is based on books and other material in the ICRC library.

    23-07-2014 Miscellaneous

  • Administrator

    23-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • Prison doctor/nurse

    23-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • Interpreter

    23-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • HR Manager in the Field

    23-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • Central African Republic: Delegate describes evacuating injured patients

    For many injured and sick people in Bangui, access to medical care has become very difficult. Julien Columeau, an ICRC delegate who spent four months in the country, describes the extreme challenges of evacuating people in need of treatment to hospital. In the Central African Republic, as in other conflict zones, reaching hospital safely is a matter of life and death.

    23-07-2014 Interview

  • South Sudan: Cholera threatens lives of thousands during harsh rainy season

    With the rainy season nearly at its peak in South Sudan, cholera continues to spread in the war-torn country. The South Sudan Red Cross is working hard to prevent further spread of the epidemic in Eastern Equatoria and Upper Nile states, supported by its Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement partners.

    23-07-2014 Operational Update

  • Legal Adviser

    23-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • Ukraine: ICRC calls on all sides to respect international humanitarian law

    The ICRC is concerned about the effects on civilians of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. ICRC director of operations Dominik Stillhart has arrived in Ukraine to discuss with the parties concerned both the situation in general and the efforts to repatriate the bodies of those who died in the Malaysia Airlines plane crash on 17 July.

    23-07-2014 News Release

  • United Kingdom: Bridging the transatlantic divide - the second annual dialogue on international humanitarian law and armed conflict

    Historic Pembroke College, Oxford was the host of a 2-day workshop last week which brought together academics, government and military lawyers from the UK, US, Canada, continental Europe and Israel. The Transatlantic Dialogue on International Humanitarian Law and Armed Conflict, now in its second year, aimed to stimulate debate and discussion on thorny issues faced by those tasked with putting IHL, also known as the law of armed conflict or law of war, into practice.

    23-07-2014 Feature

  • Intern in the Health unit

    22-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • Gynaecologist Obstetrician (Bamako, Mali)

    21-07-2014 Job Opportunity

  • The work of a Palestinian Red Crescent emergency volunteer

    "My aim is to serve humanity and help people in urgent need," says Yassin Moter of the Palestinian Red Crescent emergency team in Jabaliya, Gaza.

    21-07-2014 Interview

  • Bangladesh: Focusing on people in need

    Communal tensions, politically motivated violence and other disturbances affect the lives of ordinary Bangladeshis in parts of the country. Together with the Bangladesh Red Crescent Society (BDRCS), the ICRC is working to help people in need.

    21-07-2014 Operational Update

  • Bangladesh: Facts and figures for January-June 2014

    A round-up of activities carried out by the ICRC in Bangladesh between January and June 2014.

    21-07-2014 Facts and Figures

  • Bringing relief to civilians in Gaza

    Since the ground offensive in Gaza began, the humanitarian situation has further deteriorated for hundreds of thousands of people living in this highly populated area. ICRC head of operations for the Middle East Robert Mardini describes the plight of civilians who live in constant fear, struggling for the basics of shelter, clean water, food and health care, and appeals for essential funding so that the ICRC can continue its humanitarian work.

    21-07-2014 Interview

  • ICRC condemns the shelling of Gaza’s Al Aqsa Hospital

    The ICRC condemns in the strongest terms the shelling today of the Al Aqsa hospital in Deir El Balah, Gaza, which killed at least four people and injured scores of others.

    21-07-2014 News Release