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ICRC Directorate


The members of the ICRC Directorate are appointed by the Assembly for four-year terms.

Yves Daccord 


Yves Daccord, born in 1964, holds a B.A. in political science. A former journalist, he joined the ICRC in 1992 and worked in Israel and the occupied and autonomous territories, Sudan, Yemen, the northern Caucasus and Georgia. He returned to ICRC headquarters in 1997 to take up the post of deputy head of the Division for the Promotion of International Humanitarian Law. In 1998 he was appointed head of the Communication Division and then director of Communication in 2002, a post he held until his appointment as director-general in 2010.


Régis Savioz

 Director of Operations (a.i.)

Régis Savioz, born in 1967, has a degree in international relations.  Before joining the ICRC in 1998, he worked as a sport event organizer and was Director of communication for the International Snowboard Federation. He has carried out various assignments in the field, including Head of Sub-delegation in the Gaza strip, Head of Sub-delegation in Mazar-i-Sharif and Deputy Head of Delegation in Abidjan. He then served as Head of Operations for South and Central Asia and Head of Unit for the External Resources Division at headquarters, before leaving the organization to join the Freeride World Tour as Director of Operations in 2008. He returned to the ICRC as Deputy Director of Operations the following year and assumed his current position in January 2014.


Helen Alderson 

 Director of Financial Resources and Logistics  

Helen Alderson, born in 1960, has a degree in political sciences and international relations as well as an MBA. She began her career at UNICEF in the field before joining the ICRC in 1985. At the ICRC, she held a number of posts at headquarters and in the field including delegate, deputy head of delegation, head of project and head of unit. She left the ICRC in 2000 to join the Ethos Foundation and then, in 2002, joined the World Heart Federation where she held the posts of director of development, chief operating officer and then CEO. She returned to t he ICRC to take up her current position in 2010. 


Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet 

 Director of Communication and Information Management  

Charlotte Lindsey-Curtet, born in 1967, has a degree in business studies and a master's degree in communication. She began her career at the British Red Cross as information and marketing officer and subsequently as head of project before joining the ICRC in 1993. She worked in the field for five years as delegate, coordinator and head of sub-delegation. She has since held a number of posts at headquarters including head of the " women and war " project, deputy head of division and deputy director of communication.


Philip Spoerri 

 Director for International Law and Cooperation  

Philip Spoerri, born in 1963, holds a Ph.D in law from Bielefeld University and has also studied at the universities of Göttingen, Geneva and Munich. He began his career with the ICRC in 1994. Following a first mission for the ICRC in Israel and the occupied and autonomous territories, he continued with assignments in Kuwait and in Yemen, Afghanistan and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In Geneva, he headed the legal advisers to the Department of Operations. He returned to Afghanistan as the head of delegation from 2004 to 2006, when he took up his current position. Before joining the ICRC, Mr Spoerri worked as a lawyer in a private office in Munich.


Barbara Hintermann 

 Director of Human Resources (a.i.)

Barbara Hintermann, born in 1962, has a degree in economics. She began her career at UBS, then worked as a consultant on environmental projects and human resources for Swiss hospitals and as a fundraiser for UNICEF Switzerland. She joined the ICRC in 1995. Her first missions took her to the Middle East (Jerusalem and Beirut) and Africa (Rwanda, South Sudan). In Geneva she served as Deputy Head of Operations for the Balkans before returning to the field as Head of Delegation in Guinea-Conakry and in Colombia. In 2008 she became Head of Operations for North America and Western Europe and took up the position of Deputy Director of Human Resources in 2012.  She assumed her current function in February 2014.