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International humanitarian law: answers to your questions

01-01-2004 Publication Ref. 0703

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This brochure is an ideal introduction to international humanitarian law. It explores how even in war there are limits: limits on the conduct of warfare and limits on the behaviour of combatants. Its colourful design and revised content, which includes a new chapter on what IHL says about terrorism, make it accessible to all readers interested in both the origins and the modern-day application of the law.


  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Release year: 2004
  • Production locations: Geneva
  • Edition: Revised edition 2004
  • Languages available: English, German, French, Spanish*, Arabic**
  • Type of product: Book
  • Price: Free of charge
  • Reference: 0703

42 pp., photos, 21 x 23 cm

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