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Safer Access Practical Resource Pack (CD-ROM)

11-03-2014 Publication Ref. CDR52

The materials in the Safer Access practical resource pack CD-ROM have been created with and for the National Societies. The aim of the CD-ROM is to help National Societies carry out their humanitarian work in challenging circumstances.

This CD-ROM contains:

  • the English-language core SA pack material, including the interactive guide for National Societies, the three National Society case studies and nine National Society experiences;
    the application tools;
  • a print-ready Safer Access poster, graphics package and flyers in four languages.

The pack also includes 'Staying Alive,' which provides guidance on safety and security guidelines in conflict areas.

We will be upgrading the CD-ROM annually, to include new languages and additional material.

  • Copyright: ICRC
  • Languages available: English
  • Type of product: CD-ROM
  • Price: 1 CHF
  • Reference: CDR52