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  • The Friends of the ICRC

    The Friends of the ICRC If you join the Friends of the ICRC (by committing yourself to a minimum annual donation of CHF 5,000) you will receive: The Friends of the ICRC are a group of individuals with a

    • 2013-11-26
    • Section
  • Annual Report

    The Annual Report is an in-depth country-by-country account of the ICRC's operations in 2011. One section covers activities carried out at the Geneva headquarters, while operational statistics and a statement

    • 2013-06-27
    • Section
  • New technologies and international humanitarian law

    Technological developments have given rise to new methods and means of warfare, such as cyber attacks, armed drones and robots, raising novel humanitarian and legal challenges. When developing or acquiring any

    • 2013-08-05
    • Section
  • Water and habitat

    Each year, armed conflict disrupts millions of lives. The ICRC’s water and habitat activities ensure access to water in conflict zones and create or maintain a sustainable living environment. Ultimately, this

    • 2013-03-22
    • Section
  • The ICRC in Algeria

    Section on ICRC activities in Algeria. Includes news, operational updates, feature stories and articles about ICRC activities including detainee welfare, cooperation with the Algerian Red Crescent and support

    • 2013-05-30
    • Section
  • The ICRC in Eritrea

    The ICRC opened a delegation in Eritrea in 1998 in the context of the international armed conflict between Eritrea and Ethiopia and continues to respond to the remaining needs from that two-year conflict. Its

    • 2013-08-20
    • Section
  • The ICRC in Guinea

    In Guinea, the ICRC protects and assists people affected by the violence that affects the country from time to time. The ICRC in Guinea In Guinea, the ICRC protects and assists people affected by the violence

    • 2013-12-19
    • Section
  • The ICRC in Niger

    In Niger, the ICRC is helping people who have fled conflict in Mali, Nigeria and Libya, and residents who are suffering the consequences of these same conflicts. We are also aiding the victims of climate in

    • 2013-12-19
    • Section
  • The ICRC in Australia

    The ICRC Australia Mission works to foster support for the ICRC's global operations and to promote international humanitarian law (IHL) and universal humanitarian principles. ICRC’s presence in Australia allows

    • 2013-05-23
    • Section
  • Events in the UK and Ireland

    Events in the UK and Ireland Exeter, UK: The operational challenges of humanitarian law and victims of conflict Newman Lecture Theatre, Exeter University, Stocker Rd, Exeter, Devon EX4 4QD 29.04.2014 - 29.04

    • 2013-04-05
    • Section

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