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  • Northern Ireland: In and out of trouble

    Street violence, intimidation and sectarian tension still mar the lives of young people across Northern Ireland, despite ceasefires and a peace agreement that ended large-scale conflict. Northern Ireland: In

    • 2014-02-25
    • Miscellaneous
  • Mali: Combating conflict and climate

    Violence and insecurity still plague parts of Mali, making life extremely difficult for people who have faced years of conflict and climate challenges such as drought. We are supporting hospitals, distributing

    • 2014-01-23
    • Feature
  • Empty Chairs

    Picture an empty chair in the middle of a room, in the house of a missing person's family. Picture a child standing in front of the chair, imagining their missing parent, brother or other relative is sitting on

    • 2014-04-10
    • Interview

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