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  • Newsletter of the ICRC regional delegation in Bangkok

    They discussed many of the current challenges of international humanitarian law, such as the “fight against terrorism,” the proliferation of non-State armed groups and the emergence of new actors such as

    • 2009-12-17
    • Field Newsletter
  • ICRC activities in Sri Lanka - Delegation newsletter, September 2013

    For example, the ICRC, with the agreement of the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL), visits persons held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and those held in places coming under the Ministry of Rehabilitation

    • 2014-01-14
    • Field Newsletter
  • Iraq: women in war

    Only 10% received a widow's pension* and only 25% obtained the compensation for “spouse killed by terrorism ... Between 50,000 IQD to 120,000 IQD per month according to the number of children ($60 to $100) ** 2.5

    • 2009-03-05
    • Field Newsletter
  • Japan: Bulletin Issue No.12 Summer 2011

    a strong presence and response in the main contexts affected by the interplay of local issues and wider-reaching concerns relating to the fight against “terrorism ... a strong presence and response in the main

    • 2011-07-01
    • Field Newsletter
  • Nigeria delegation newsletter: The Humanitarian

    The main achievements of AP II were without doubt the detailed enumeration of prohibitions such as those on taking hostages, collective punishments, acts of terrorism, and enrolling children in armed forces or

    • 2007-09-10
    • Field Newsletter
  • Strengthening IHL in the Philippines

    What does IHL say about terrorism ... But IHL does not apply when terrorist acts are perpetrated, or persons suspected of terrorism are detained, outside an armed conflict ... But IHL does not apply when terrorist acts

    • 2011-08-26
    • Field Newsletter
  • ICRC in Sudan - Delegation Newsletter

    Three topics have been selected for the competition: A comparative study of IHL and international human rights law, IHL and the current challenges of the “war on terrorism”, and respect for the civilian

    • 2007-01-31
    • Field Newsletter
    • Archived page
  • Kenya, regional delegation: February 2003

    In light of September clearly has a plethora of highly skilled lec11, is IHL taking second place to the war on tures to call upon and they used them to terrorism ... On Thursday November 28, terrorism once again hit

    • 2003-02-27
    • Field Newsletter
    • Archived page
  • Temba newsletter - Fourth quarter 2004

    855 The armed conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq and their ramifications for the fight against terrorism have highlighted new challenges and risks for humanitarian operations ... 855 The armed conflicts in

    • 2005-01-21
    • Field Newsletter
    • Archived page
  • Washington: activities of the ICRC's regional delegation

    Many topics of concern to the ICRC are of considerable relevance and interest on the world stage today: the application of international humanitarian law in the fight against terrorism, civil-military

    • 2006-09-14
    • Field Newsletter
    • Archived page

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