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Missing persons

International humanitarian law - Missing

In war, many people go missing, causing anguish and uncertainty for their families and friends. People have the right to know what happened to their missing relatives. Governments, the military authorities and armed groups have an obligation to provide information and assist efforts to put families back together. Read full overview

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  • Living with absence: Helping the families of the missing

    Many people go missing as a result of conflict, natural and man-made disasters, other humanitarian crises, and migration. Disappearance, dreadful enough for the individuals concerned, means anguish for their families, left in limbo over their loved one’s fate. As if their pain was not enough, family members of the missing are often plunged into economic and social hardship.

  • Forensic identification of human remains

    This brochure outlines the forensic process of identifying human remains, with an emphasis on the scientific matching of data.

Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

  • Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine
    I’m alive

    The importance of uniting families separated in times of crisis is becoming increasingly central to the Movement’s response — from Indonesia, to the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Haiti. Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, No 1, 2010.

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