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Nuclear weapons

International humanitarian law - Nuclear weapons

Since the first and only use of nuclear weapons in 1945, the international community has wrestled with the issue of how the law of war applies to such weapons. The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has called on States to ensure that nuclear weapons are never again used and to prohibit the use of and completely eliminate nuclear weapons through a legally binding international agreement.  Read full overview

Customary law

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  • Nuclear, radiological, biological and chemical events

    Nuclear, radiological, biological or chemical (NRBC) events are actions or occurrences that may lead to the release and dispersal of hazardous materials in quantities and in circumstances that put individuals or groups at significant risk. This leaftet aims to raise awareness on basic measures to protect oneself and others in case of NRBC exposure.

  • Nuclear weapons

    The existence of nuclear weapons raises questions about when the rights of States must yield to the interests of humanity, the capacity of our species to master its own technology and the reach of IHL.