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Education and outreach

In its effort to foster an environment conducive to respect for the life and dignity of persons affected by armed conflict and other situations of violence, the ICRC promotes international humanitarian law (IHL) and humanitarian principles in formal and non-formal education settings.  Recognizing the importance of reaching out to tomorrow's decision-makers and opinion-leaders, the ICRC emphasizes IHL teaching at the university- and secondary-school levels.

Who we work with

  • Education programmes for young people

    Exploring Humanitarian Law (EHL) is an education programme that introduces young people between 13 and 18 years of age to the basic rules and principles of IHL.

  • The ICRC reach out to universities

    Universities are key partners for the ICRC in its efforts to build respect for IHL. By encouraging universities to offer courses and by supporting professors, the ICRC reaches out to the next generation of leaders.

Selected Publications

Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

  • Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine
    Islamic law and the Geneva Conventions

    What is the relationship between Islamic law and international humanitarian law? The question has assumed even greater pertinence since the attacks of 11 September 2001, giving rise to a fruitful dialogue involving experts in both disciplines, as was the case recently in the Iranian city of Qom - Article published in the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, No 1, 2007

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