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Colombia. An ICRC doctor takes care of a child.

The goal of ICRC’s Health Unit activities is to give people affected by conflict access to basic preventive and curative health care that meets universally recognized standards. To this end, it assists – or may temporarily replace – local health services. Read full overview

Selected topics

  • Azerbaijan: Tuberculosis unit for detainees in Baku Health in prisons

    The ICRC is concerned with the welfare of anyone detained in connection with armed conflicts or internal disturbances that require intervention by a neutral organization.

  • Lokichokio, Sudan, ICRC physical rehabilitation center Physical rehabilitation

    The ICRC supports victims of conflict and violence through its Physical Rehabilitation Programme (PRP) and its Special Fund for the Disabled (SFD).

Publications More publications

  • Health care in detention posters

    The Health Care in Detention posters seek to bolster respect for medical ethics in places of detention. Each poster represents a major ethical issue affecting detainees. The posters cover medical confidentiality, treating detainees first and foremost as patients, providing health care on the basis of need, and treating detainees without discrimination. They are intended for medical and prison staff, government and the general public.

  • Bangladesh: Physical rehabilitation services for people with disabilities

    In Bangladesh, the ICRC and the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralysed run a physical rehabilitation programme that helps vulnerable people with disabilities rebuild their lives.

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