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The ICRC in the Central African Republic

In the Central African Republic, the ICRC helps people affected by conflict and other violence. We provide emergency relief, run livelihood-support projects and repair water and sanitation systems. We also visit detainees, restore contact between relatives separated by conflict and promote international humanitarian law.

Facts and Figures

The violent conflict that has rocked the Central African Republic since December 2013 has been particularly deadly, aggravating an already precarious situation. The ICRC and the Central African Red Cross Society are redoubling their efforts to bring aid to the people hardest hit.

Between December 2013 and March 2014, the ICRC:

  • evacuated over 900 wounded people, and performed over 560 operations at Bangui community hospital for injuries inflicted during the violent intercommunity clashes;
  • held almost 5,800 medical consultations using the mobile units sent to the Kaga Bandoro area;
  • delivered 430,000 litres of water daily to over 70,000 displaced people at the Bangui airport site, and to over 5,800 others at Boy-Rabe;
  • distributed essential items to almost 17,000 people;
  • distributed over 760,000 food rations of 2,400 calories each (rice or maize, and beans, oil and salt);
  • distributed food and other essential items to the people detained in Bangui, and provided medical supplies (medicine, dressings, patient’s charts, thermometers and other instruments) for the opening of a dispensary at Ngaragba detention centre;
  • continued its confidential dialogue with the parties to the conflict, the authorities, armed groups, multinational forces and other stakeholders, to improve compliance with international humanitarian law and international human rights law;
  • conducted awareness-raising sessions on the fundamental principles of humanitarian law and human rights law, for over 200 weapon bearers;
  • supported the Central African Red Cross in its emergency relief work, and provided psychological support for the volunteers involved in collecting and burying bodies.

The ICRC employs over 400 people in the Central African Republic.

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Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

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    Larger than France, with a population of just four million, the Central African Republic is the world’s sixth poorest country. Increased insecurity and a series of uprisings in the north have plunged the country into a deep crisis. Article published in the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, No 3, 2007.