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The ICRC in DR Congo

In the Democratic Republic of the Congo the ICRC promotes respect for international humanitarian law in the treatment of civilians and detainees and helps those adversely affected by conflict and internal violence to survive and become self-sufficient. The organization also improves water supply and sanitation, strengthens health care for the wounded and sick, including victims of sexual violence, and reunites families.

Facts and Figures

ICRC activities between January and May in the DRC:

  • With no let-up in the number of alleged violations of international humanitarian law reported, the ICRC made around 50 representations to weapon bearers to remind them of the protection afforded civilians under international humanitarian law.
  • A total of 240 unaccompanied children, including 84 formerly associated with armed forces or groups, were reunited with their families, in some cases in other countries.
  • Seven ICRC-supported hospitals provided 640 weapon-wounded patients, civilians and weapon bearers alike, with surgical and other medical care. Fourteen other health-care facilities were provided with supplies as needed
  • Nearly 84,000 people had access to primary health care, and 1,860 victims of sexual violence or trauma linked to conflict in the Kivus or to violent attacks in Eastern province were given psychosocial support.
  • 104,000 displaced people and returnees were given household essentials, and 14,500 people were given food in conflict-affected areas.
  • Over 17,000 detainees were visited or otherwise helped by the ICRC, which provided them with medical and nutritional support, distributed hygiene items, and carried out renovation work in some facilities that helped improve living conditions.

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