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ICRC operations in Africa

The ICRC maintains a strong operational presence in Africa, with activities focused on protecting and assisting people affected by armed conflict or other forms of violence. Working closely with national Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies throughout the continent, it promotes greater recognition and wider implementation of international humanitarian law.

Key operations

  • The ICRC in DR Congo

    The humanitarian situation in eastern DR Congo remains fragile. The ICRC helps vulnerable groups adversely affected by conflict and internal violence in the region to survive and become self-sufficient.

  • Mali Red Cross volunteers distribute food to displaced persons. The ICRC in Mali

    In Mali, the ICRC brings aid to people suffering the combined effects of the armed conflict and the food crisis.

  • ICRC food distribution in El-jalle, Somalia. The ICRC in Somalia

    In Somalia the ICRC provides emergency aid to people directly affected by armed conflict, and runs extensive first-aid, medical and basic health-care programmes, as well as agriculture and water projects.

  • The ICRC in the Central African Republic

    In the Central African Republic, the ICRC helps people affected by conflict and other violence. It provides emergency relief, runs livelihood-support projects and repairs water and sanitation systems.

  • The ICRC in South Sudan

    The ICRC's South Sudan delegation focuses on the promotion of IHL, support for health care and cooperation with the South Sudan Red Cross.

  • Sudan. A displaced woman tends to her crops. The ICRC in Sudan

    In Sudan, the ICRC helps people affected by the conflict in Darfur, provides seed, tools, food and water, and re-establishes contact between people separated by the fighting. On 1 February 2014, the ICRC was asked to suspend its activities.

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