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The ICRC in Libya


The ICRC is visiting detainees, tracing missing persons, working with the Libyan Red Crescent to help people injured or displaced by violence and training Libyan Red Crescent and other volunteers to highlight the dangers of explosive remnants of war. The organization is also working towards an environment conducive to compliance with IHL and universal humanitarian principles, by promoting these rules with the Libyan authorities and providing expertise on their teaching and integration to the Libyan army and security forces.

Facts and Figures

In 2013, the ICRC:

  • carried out 81 visits to 41 places of detention, visiting 13,622 detainees, including 5,686 migrants in 14 retention centres under the authority of the Ministry of Interior;
  • provided 172,136 people with food and essential household items, plus extra food during Ramadan, working with the Libyan Red Crescent Society, the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Libya Aid;
  • improved living conditions, access to clean drinking water or sanitation for nearly 49,000 people through the completion of 10 projects;
  • acted as an independent observer at the examination of 22 bodies and on 2 occasions provided recommendations on sampling procedures, so that families could find out what had happened to their missing relatives;
  • provided medical supplies, dressing materials and vaccines to hospitals and trained over 400 people to provide medical or first-aid treatment to the victims of armed violence;
  • trained nearly 200 senior officers of the Libyan Army on international humanitarian law.

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