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The ICRC regional delegation in Brasilia


The ICRC’s regional delegation for Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay has been fulfilling its humanitarian mission since the 1970s. From its headquarters in Brasilia it works to meet the needs of people affected by violent situations linked to social and agrarian issues, and in urban settings. It visits detainees, promotes International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and supports the security forces in adapting their procedures to international human rights standards. The ICRC also helps to build up the response capacity of the National Red Cross Societies in the region, and it works together with State institutions in developing forensic skills for improving the identification of human remains.

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Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine

  • Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine
    Urban violence: war by any other name

    As the world grows increasingly urban, violence in many cities is reaching epidemic proportions. Chronic conflict makes daily life in some places almost like living in a war zone. With rapid urbanization, the context for violence is changing, creating new challenges for those giving aid and working to prevent conflict. Article published in the Red Cross Red Crescent Magazine, No 1, 2010.

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