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The ICRC in Colombia

An ICRC team travels by canoe up the river Ispí to visit the municipality of Roberto Payan (Nariño). The ICRC helps the resident population affected by the conflict through agricultural and basic sanitation projects.

Colombia is the largest ICRC operation in the Americas. The ICRC's work in Colombia involves protecting civilians, helping displaced persons and conflict-affected communities, visiting detainees, promoting international humanitarian law, helping people affected by weapons contamination and cooperating with the Colombian Red Cross and other Movement components active in Colombia. >>Read full overview.


Colombia’s violence: A personal take – VIDEOS

Thousands of Colombians endured the grim reality of armed violence in 2013. The ICRC helped 235,000 of them improve their living conditions. 

Facts and Figures

Between January and May 2014, the ICRC:

  • monitored the conditions of detention of some 60,000 detainees in official detention centres;
  • distributed food and toiletries to 6,600 people displaced by the armed conflict and the violence;
  • supported 5,000 families (about 21,000 people) in their attempts to be recognized as victims and thereby to receive State assistance;
  • improved access to water and basic sanitation for more than 11,000 displaced and resident individuals in violence-affected areas;

In Colombia, the ICRC has 355 employees, including 58 expatriates.

>>More facts and figures