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Colombia: facts and figures

02-05-2014 Facts and Figures

Key Points

Between January and December 2013, the ICRC:

  • facilitated the release of 16 civilians, including two Peruvians, two Germans, one Canadian and one American, and nine members of the security forces who were being held by armed groups;
  • monitored the conditions of 97,00 detainees in State detention facilities;
  • provided individual and community-based aid to 26,000 displaced people;
  • improved access to essential water and sanitation services and community health and education facilities for more than 20,500 people affected by the armed conflict;
  • worked with the Colombian Red Cross to educate 12,000 people about the dangers of weapon contamination, thereby reducing the risk of accidents;
  • set up and supported two mobile health units in which 6,900 people were treated;
  • documented 617 cases of alleged violations of international humanitarian law and other fundamental rules.

The ICRC has 353 staff members in Colombia, including 55 expatriate staff.

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