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The ICRC in Colombia

An ICRC team travels by canoe up the river Ispí to visit the municipality of Roberto Payan (Nariño). The ICRC helps the resident population affected by the conflict through agricultural and basic sanitation projects.

Colombia is the largest ICRC operation in the Americas. The ICRC's work in Colombia involves protecting civilians, helping displaced persons and conflict-affected communities, visiting detainees, promoting international humanitarian law, helping people affected by weapons contamination and cooperating with the Colombian Red Cross and other Movement components active in Colombia. 

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Facts and Figures

Between January and March 2013 the ICRC:

  • facilitated the release of eight civilians, including three Peruvian and two German citizens, and three members of the security forces who were being held by armed groups;
  • provided aid for 1,099 people, both individuals and groups, who had been displaced;
  • deployed and assisted a mobile health unit in which over 3,000 people received medical treatment;
  • documented 63 cases of alleged violations of IHL and other fundamental rules;
  • in 34 visits to 28 State detention centres, monitored the individual detention conditions of 867 people held as a result of the conflict;
  • improved access to essential water and sanitation services, and community health and education infrastructure, for 1,670 people affected by the armed conflict, and
  • carried out 43 activities, benefiting 878 people, to promote safe behaviour and an awareness of the rights of victims of weapon contamination.
    In Colombia the ICRC has a staff of 358, including 62 expatriates.

The ICRC has 358 staff members in Colombia, including 63 expatriate staff.