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The ICRC in Afghanistan

The ICRC protects detainees and helps them maintain contact with their families; monitors the conduct of hostilities and acts to prevent IHL violations; assists the wounded and disabled; supports hospital care; improves water and sanitation services; promotes IHL; and supports the Afghan Red Crescent. Read full overview


Afghanistan wheelchair basketball players in the match of their lives

Facts and Figures

From January to March 2014, the ICRC:

  • carried out 25 visits in 19 places of detention holding over 18,000 detainees;
  • enabled families of detainees in the Afghan and US detention facilities in Parwan to make1,040 phone calls to their detained relatives, and organized more than 850 visits between relatives and detainees in Bagram;
  • registered almost 2,100 new patients at the seven ICRC physical rehabilitation centres;
  • created job opportunities for over 1,500 people participating in cash-for-work projects;
  • provided one-month food rations and household items for nearly 14,000 people displaced by conflict or natural disaster;
  • briefed thousands of weapon bearers, political authorities, community elders, religious leaders, members of civil society, and people receiving aid on the mandate and work of the ICRC;
  • maintained its support for Mirwais and Sheberghan hospitals, which admitted nearly 15,000 inpatients. Over 84,700 outpatients attended clinics. More than 4,000 operations were performed in the two hospitals;
  • installed or renovated water supply systems to bring clean water to over 17,000 people in urban areas, and installed hand pumps and trained people to maintain them so as to provide clean water to over 115,000 people in rural areas.

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