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The ICRC in Myanmar

Insein prison. Detainee writing a Red Cross message.

The ICRC intends to start detention visit across the country in full accordance with its standard working methods and procedures at the beginning of 2013. The organization provides basic but vital assistance to the people affected by the inter-communcal violence in Rakhine State together with the Myanmar Red Cross Society. Read full overview

Facts and Figures

From January to June 2013, the ICRC:

  • Conducted six prison visits, during which ICRC staff toured the premises and talked in private with detainees. The ICRC maintains a regular and constructive dialogue with the detaining authorities
  • Upgraded water and sanitary facilities in four prisons, benefiting some 14,000 people, and helped detainees to restore or maintain contact with family members
  • Together with the Myanmar Red Cross, transported nearly 900 sick or wounded people from both Muslim and ethnic Rakhine communities to Sittwe Referral Hospital, in Rakhine state, for emergency care and consultations
  • Provided surgical and other medical supplies to three hospitals in Kachin state in both government- and opposition-held areas
  • Supported the running of four physical rehabilitation centres where nearly 2,000 physically disabled people received care in the past six months
  • Renovated the Sittwe Hospital water infrastructure and supported five other township hospitals in tension-prone areas
  • Improved living conditions for over 7,000 people in camps and villages in Sittwe township by upgrading water points, latrines and shelter
  • Sponsored the participation of six people from the government, the military, the police force and from academic circles at a course on international humanitarian law in Nepal and a regional conference in Beijing