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The ICRC regional delegation in Moscow

Chechnya, Russian Federation. A woman talks about the plants she is growing in a greenhouse, thanks to an ICRC microeconomic project.

The Moscow delegation covers the Russian Federation, Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine, focusing on past conflicts and the current North Caucasus situation. It maintains strategic dialogue with the Russian Federation on humanitarian and IHL issues, works with the Russian Red Cross and supports the National Societies of Belarus, Moldova and Ukraine. Read full overview

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    Caucasus: “People live here”

    On a brick wall in Grozny, Chechnya, a faded, spray-painted message — perhaps dating back to the years of war in the 1990s — shouts a warning to combatants: “People live here”. It’s a plea from those within to be spared from the battle raging outside. Though the intense fighting of the 1990s has subsided, the message is as pertinent as ever.

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