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ICRC HeadquartersMark Thomlinson is an ICRC delegate who has recently begun his first mission in Jammu and Kashmir. Mark’s role involves visiting people detained in connection with the situation there and monitoring their treatment and living conditions.  In his diary, he explains what working in an ICRC field delegation is like and how it differs from his old life in London, where he spent two years working in the ICRC’s UK office. 


What, in three-and-a-half weeks of training, can be done to prepare someone for ‘the field’? What is ‘the field’? At least I know where it is for me: Jammu, a city in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir. Having worked for the ICRC for the past few years in London, I know something about what the work entails: monitoring conditions of detention, working with the authorities to ensure they meet international norms…but it’s all a bit abstract. Read more..


  • Central African Republic: Widespread violence deepens humantarian crisis

    Widespread violence plaguing the Central African Republic is causing countless casualties and forcing thousands from their homes. The ICRC's president Peter Maurer was in CAR on 26-28 March, seeing our surgical teams in action and our aid effort at the M'Poko displaced peoples' settlement near Bangui airport. In this interview on his return he called for greater security in CAR, which would help the ICRC step up its efforts to deliver vital water, food and medical care.

  • United Kingdom: Evolution and expansion - the ICRC in World War I

    In August 1914 the world went to war, and for 52 long months it endured unrelenting brutality and suffering. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) was a small organization at the outset of conflict, yet it grew to play an important role during the First World War.

  • United Kingdom: Law and future conflict

    How will war be waged in the future and what rules will guide the next generation of military leaders? The ICRC has given evidence to the UK parliament's Defence Select Committee inquiry on the legal framework for future military operations.

  • Northern Ireland: Time to choose

    Paramilitary groups still exert a strong grip over some communities in Northern Ireland. They attack or exile young people as punishment for alleged crimes, particularly in Republican areas where local people prefer not to deal with the police.

  • Northern Ireland: In and out of trouble

    Street violence, intimidation and sectarian tension still mar the lives of young people across Northern Ireland, despite ceasefires and a peace agreement that ended large-scale conflict.

  • South Sudan - interview with Eric Marclay South Sudan: Coping with conflict

    There will be no swift recovery in South Sudan from the weeks of heavy fighting that erupted between rival groups on 15 December, leaving many dead and forcing hundreds of thousands from their homes.

  • Mali conflict and climate Mali: Combating conflict and climate

    Violence and insecurity still plague parts of Mali, making life extremely difficult for people who have faced years of conflict and climate challenges such as drought.

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