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The ICRC in Jordan

01-06-2011 Overview

The ICRC in Jordan focuses on monitoring the treatment and living conditions of detainees, restoring and maintaining family links disrupted by conflict, promoting international humanitarian law (IHL) and supporting the Jordan Red Crescent Society. Jordan is also an important logistics and training centre for ICRC.

The ICRC, which has been present in Jordan since 1967, continued regular visits to people in detention, presenting its findings and recommendations to the detaining authorities with the aim of ensuring that detainees’ treatment and living conditions are in line with international standards. Particular attention is paid to security detainees and detained women, and to ensuring respect for judicial guarantees. There is sustained dialogue with the Ministry of Health, with a view to strengthening the provision of health care for all detainees.

People affected by armed conflicts in the region, past or present, are able to keep in touch with their families and to exchange official documents through the ICRC’s service to restore family links. Refugees without appropriate identity papers are issued with ICRC travel documents to facilitate their resettlement in third countries, in close cooperation with the UNHCR.

The ICRC cooperates with the authorities to promote the integration of international humanitarian law (IHL) into national legislation and university curricula. Work is also underway to integrate IHL into the theoretical and operational training of the armed and security forces. The ICRC has ended its involvement in the Exploring Humanitarian Law school programme, which is now managed by the Ministry of Education.

The Jordan Red Crescent Society receives ICRC support in strengthening its capacities in the fields of promoting humanitarian principles and restoring family links.

Jordan is a key logistical and administrative hub for ICRC operations in the region, in particular in Iraq, Lebanon, the occupied Palestinian territory and Yemen. Amman is also the main training centre for ICRC delegations in the Middle East, the Balkans and the Caucasus.



A Palestinian refugee in Al-Ruwaished Camp receives an ICRC travel document.
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