150 years of humanitarian action: The Battle of Solferino

On 24 June, 1859, Henry Dunant stumbled upon the horrific scenes of the Battle of Solferino. From that day on, he made it his life mission to assist and protect people in times of conflict and crisis. Historian François Bugnion brings you the story of the man who laid the foundation for international humanitarian law and the International Committee of the Red Cross.... ...Read more

Focus on humanity 1914-1918 war: International Prisoners of War Agency Between Frontlines - ICRC delegate at work



Reaching people in need

We believe that it’s essential to be on-the-ground and in close proximity to the people we help. This way we can better understand their needs and respond appropriately and efficiently.

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Ensuring IHL does what it’s meant to do – protect

We strive to ensure that international humanitarian law continues to be relevant to today’s conflicts and protects the most vulnerable. We actively seek to achieve better respect for IHL by engaging with fighters and those who influence their behaviour.

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Empowering people and communities

We believe that people affected by conflict and armed violence should play a central role in deciding their aid. They know their environment and what they need. After all, they’re the ones concerned.

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Making the most of the diverse humanitarian landscape

We believe that the diversity of the humanitarian response makes it possible to better meet the needs of vulnerable people. 

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