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The ICRC is governed by an Assembly, an Assembly Council (a subsidiary body with certain delegated powers) and a Directorate (the executive body). Both the Assembly, with up to 25 co-opted members of Swiss nationality, and the Assembly Council are chaired by Peter Maurer, who has been President of the ICRC since 1 July 2012. He is assisted by a Vice-President, Christine Beerli.

The Directorate, with five members, is chaired by the Director-General, Mr. Yves Daccord.

The ICRC's governing structure

  • The president and vice-president of the ICRC

    The ICRC has a president and a vice-presidents. The president, who bears primary responsibility for the ICRC’s external relations, represents the ICRC on the international scene and, in close cooperation with the directorate general, handles the ICRC’s humanitarian diplomacy. At the internal level, he attends to the cohesion, smooth running and development of the organization.

  • ICRC Directorate

    The members of the ICRC Directorate are appointed by the Assembly for four-year terms.

  • ICRC decision-making structures

    The governing bodies of the ICRC, comprising the Assembly, the Assembly Council and the Presidency, have overall responsibility for ICRC policy, strategy and decisions related to the development of IHL. They also monitor implementation by the Directorate of Assembly or Assembly Council decisions.

  • The members of the International Committee of the Red Cross

    Brief biographies of the members of the Assembly, the ICRC's supreme governing body.

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