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Commentary of 2007 
Article 15 - Notifications

Article 15 of Additional Protocol III is largely inspired by Article 100 of Additional Protocol I, although some differences from the 1977 text are worth underlining. First of all, subparagraph b) requires the depositary to inform the High Contracting Parties of the date of the entry into force of Additional Protocol III within ten days thereof, an obligation that does not appear in the Geneva Conventions and Additional Protocols I and II. Second, the communications envisaged by subparagraph c) are limited to proposals for amendments, whereas Article 100 c) of Additional Protocol I also requires communication of official translations of the Protocol as well as the laws and regulations adopted to ensure its application. Given that these obligations were not included in Additional Protocol III, Article 15 logically does not refer to them.[75] The same applies to communications under Article 96, paragraph 3, of Additional Protocol I allowing an authority fighting for self-determination to declare itself bound by that Protocol.


75. Clearly, the same applies to communications related to the International Fact-Finding Commission of Article 90 of Additional Protocol I.