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Commentary of 2007 
Article 10 - Accession

Accession is a way of expressing consent to be bound by the treaty if the State concerned either did not take part in the negotiations of Additional Protocol III or did take part but did not sign the treaty within the twelve-month period specified in Article 8. Article 10 of Additional Protocol III repeats verbatim Article 94 of Additional Protocol I and Article 22 of Additional Protocol II. It is sufficient, therefore, to refer to their Commentaries. [65]
It is important to recall that accession to Additional Protocol III as well as signature and ratification under Articles 8 and 9 are limited to States already party to the 1949 Geneva Conventions. On the other hand, it is not necessary to be a State party to the first two Additional Protocols to be bound by Additional Protocol III.


65. See the respective commentaries (above note 17, on Additional Protocol I, pp. 1075-78 (§§ 3713-25) and Additional Protocol II, p. 1495 (§ 4916).