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Commentary of 1960 
    [p.657] ARTICLE 1 . -- COMPOSITION

    As already provided for in Article 69 of the 1929 Convention, the Commissions are to be composed of three members.
    It should be noted, however, that during the Second World War it was sometimes impossible to find on the spot a sufficient number of neutral practitioners qualified to constitute Mixed Medical Commissions. In such cases, the belligerent Powers agreed to set up either a Medical Commission of doctors of the Detaining Power only, or Commissions consisting of one neutral practitioner (with two votes) and one medical officer of the belligerent Power (1). This point is now settled by Article 13 of the present Regulations (2).

    * (1) [(1) p.657] See ' Report on the Meeting of Neutral Members
    of the Mixed Medical Commissions, ' p. 3;

    (2) [(2) p.657] See below, p. 662;