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Commentary - Annex I : Draft agreement relating to hospital zones and localities
    [p.415] ANNEX I


    In our comments on Article 23 of the Convention, which invites Powers to establish hospital zones and localities to shelter wounded and sick members of the armed forces, we referred several times to the Draft Agreement which the Diplomatic Conference of 1949 decided to annex to the text of the Convention. (1)
    As we have already seen, the Draft Agreement has only been proposed to States as a model. But the fact that it was carefully drafted at the Diplomatic Conference and that the latter finally adopted it, gives it a very real value. Its stipulations should therefore be taken as a basis without further discussion, whenever a hospital zone is to be established. In view of its importance, brief comments on the Draft Agreement are given below.

    * (1) [(1) p.415] See above, pages 206;