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Commentary of 1960 

    The tasks of the Commissions are defined in Article 113 , to which the present Article makes a reference. Mention should also be made of the prisoners of war referred to in Articles 114 and 115 . In addition to the proposals mentioned, the Commissions should also be able to propose accommodation in a neutral country, if this is possible for the prisoners of war examined; this will depend on the conclusion of agreements between the Detaining Power and the neutral country (Article 109, paragraph 2 ) (1). This is clear from the wording of the model repatriation certificate (Annex IV E), to which the next Article refers.

    * (1) [(1) p.661] In this connection, one should note the
    difference in wording between the present Article, which
    states that the Medical Commissions shall ' propose '
    repatriation, etc., and Article 1 1, which speaks of
    ' decisions '. In fact the Commissions take decisions, for
    Article 12 expressly states that the Detaining Power is
    ' required to carry out the decisions ' of the