Treaties, States Parties and Commentaries
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    1. The provisions of this Convention shall be implemented in a manner which
    avoids hampering the economic or technological development of States Parties,
    and international cooperation in the field of chemical activities for purposes
    not prohibited under this Convention including the international exchange of
    scientific and technical information and chemicals and equipment for the
    production, processing or use of chemicals for purposes not prohibited under
    this Convention.

    2. Subject to the provisions of this Convention and without prejudice to the
    principles and applicable rules of international law, the States Parties

    (a) Have the right, individually or collectively, to conduct research with,
    to develop, produce, acquire, retain, transfer, and use chemicals;

    (b) Undertake to facilitate, and have the right to participate in, the
    fullest possible exchange of chemicals, equipment and scientific and technical
    information relating to the development and application of chemistry for
    purposes not prohibited under this Convention;

    (c) Not maintain among themselves any restrictions, including those in any
    international agreements, incompatible with the obligations undertaken under
    this Convention, which would restrict or impede trade and the development and
    promotion of scientific and technological knowledge in the field of chemistry
    for industrial, agricultural, research, medical, pharmaceutical or other
    peaceful purposes;

    (d) Not use this Convention as grounds for applying any measures other than
    those provided for, or permitted, under this Convention nor use any other
    international agreement for pursuing an objective inconsistent with this

    (e) Undertake to review their existing national regulations in the field of
    trade in chemicals in order to render them consistent with the object and
    purpose of this Convention.

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