Andréanne Thibault

University of Montreal

Andreanne Thibault has an LLB (2017), a BA (University of Montreal, 2012) and an MA (UQAM, 2015) and was a Brian D. Tittemore Fellow (2014) at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights.

  • Protection of migrants from enforced disappearance: A human rights perspective

    This article looks at the issue of enforced disappearances of migrants during their migratory journey or once they have reached their destination, a subject yet to be addressed in the literature. It examines how the legal and analytical framework provided by international human rights law and migration law applies to enforced disappearances of migrants. It then reviews the factors that contribute to this phenomenon in different contexts, including the disappearance of migrants for political reasons, those that take place in detention and deportation processes and those that take place within the context of migrant smuggling and trafficking.