Daniel Palmieri

International Committee of the Red Cross

Daniel Palmieri is the historical research officer at the ICRC. He is the author of numerous works on ICRC history and on the history of war.

  • How warfare has evolved – a humanitarian organization’s perception: The case of the ICRC, 1863–1960

    To understand how war is perceived and how it has evolved over time, we must first choose the right agent to study: one that is at once involved in the bellicosity, and yet keeps its distance. Such an agent will be better placed to maintain an objective and rational view of developments. The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) would seem to fit the bill.

  • An institution standing the test of time? A review of 150 years of the history of the International Committee of the Red Cross

    This article seeks to explain how the ICRC – the oldest international humanitarian organization still in activity – has managed to pass through 150 years of existence. By analysing some key moments in ICRC history and by examining both its inner workings and their interaction with the context within which the organization has functioned over time, this article finds two characteristics that may help explain the ICRC’s continuity: its unique specificity and its innovative capacity.

  • Crossing the desert – the ICRC in Iraq. Analysis of a humanitarian operation

    This article describes the humanitarian operations of the ICRC in Iraq from 1950 to the present day. It is shown, that the challenge for the ICRC is to strike a balance between meeting its treaty-based obligations and exercising its right of humanitarian initiative, and to avoid selecting the recipients of its aid on the sole basis of opportunities made available by governments.

  • The ICRC delegate: an exceptional humanitarian player?

    "What is an ICRC delegate?" Highlighting the extraordinary and singular nature of this humanitarian player from an insider and a public point of view, the authors attempt to give the reader the key to unveil and discover this peculiar profession.

  • A haunting figure: The hostage through the ages

    The hostage has now reached the final stage in the deterioration of an already unenviable condition. This deterioration is not only due to the aggressors themselves but also reflects the current asymmetry in conflicts and is, even more, the result of a cruel irony of history.