Jelena Pejic

International Committee of the Red Cross

Jelena Pejic is Senior Legal Adviser in the Legal Division of the International Committee of the Red Cross, based in Geneva.

  • Strengthening compliance with IHL: The ICRC-Swiss initiative

    Lack of compliance with international humanitarian law (IHL), or insufficient observance of its rules, is probably the greatest current challenge to the continued credibility of this body of international law. The need to strengthen respect for IHL led the ICRC and Switzerland to facilitate unprecedented consultations among States between 2012 and 2015 focused, specifically, on improving the efficiency of mechanisms of compliance with IHL. This note outlines the background of the initiative and summarizes its course and outcome. Ongoing work in the current phase of the process, agreed to at the 32nd International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent held in late 2015, is also very briefly indicated.

  • Extraterritorial targeting by means of armed drones: Some legal implications

    Jelena Pejic / The use of "drones" has grown exponentially over the past decade, giving rise to a host of legal and other issues. Internationally, it is the utilization of armed drones by States for the extraterritorial targeting of persons that has generated significant debate

  • The European Court of Human Rights’ Al-Jedda judgment: the oversight of international humanitarian law

    The author discusses the implications of the recent Al-Jedda judgment of the European Court on Human Rights for the ability of states parties to that treaty to conduct detention operations in situations of armed conflict.

  • The protective scope of Common Article 3: more than meets the eye

    The article sets out a possible typology and argues that Common Article 3 to the Geneva Conventions may be given an expanded geographical reading as a matter of treaty law. It also suggests that there is a far wider range of rules – primarily of a binding nature, but also policy-based – that apply in Common Article 3 armed conflicts with regard to the treatment of persons in enemy hands and the conduct of hostilities.

  • Procedural principles and safeguards for internment/administrative detention in armed conflict and other situations of violence

    The commentary to the procedural principles and safeguards outlined in this text mentions the different legal sources governing deprivation of liberty for security reasons in international armed conflicts, non-international armed conflicts and other situations of violence.