Muhammad Munir

Dr. Muhammad Munir is Associate Professor and Chairman, Department of Law, Faculty of Shari‘a and Law International Islamic niversity, Islamabad.

  • The Layha for the Mujahideen: an analysis of the code of conduct for the Taliban fighters under Islamic law

    The following article focuses on the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Rules for the Mujahideen to determine their conformity with the Islamic jus in bello. The author argues that many of the Taliban rules have only a limited basis in, or are wrongly attributed to, Islamic law.

  • Suicide attacks and Islamic law

    Suicide attacks are a recurrent feature of many conflicts. Whereas warfare heroism and martyrdom are allowed in certain circumstances in times of war, a suicide bomber might be committing at least five crimes according to Islamic law. The author examines such attacks from an Islamic jus in bello perspective.