Discover the ICRC

Discover the ICRC



What is the ICRC?

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Why the ICRC ?

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Why the ICRC was formed

Why the ICRC's mission is more relevant than ever

Where does the ICRC work?

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The ICRC worldwide

Who we are

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A neutral, independent humanitarian organization

We are part of the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement

We work closely with Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies

What is it like working for the ICRC?

What we do

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The ICRC's actions are aimed at protecting the lives, health and dignity of people affected by violence. In doing so, we take a holistic, integrated approach in which three distinct areas of action – protection, assistance and prevention – are closely interlinked. Work done in any one of these areas informs, reinforces and complements actions taken in the others.


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We help people affected by armed conflict and other violence by providing water and shelter; fostering economic security; improving health care (including war surgery and care for detainees); ensuring proper handling and identification of the dead; and helping victims of landmines and unexploded ordnance.

Economic security

Water and habitat

Health care

Contamination by explosive devices

The legacy of landmines

Physical rehabilitation

Story of discovery: Holmes gets back on his feet



The ICRC strives to safeguard the life, health and dignity of civilians affected by armed conflict and other violence, including detainees. We do this by encouraging government authorities and other groups to shoulder their responsibilities under international humanitarian law and other rules that protect people affected by violence.

Building respect for the law

Explaining the rules of war

Protecting the vulnerable


Civilians in conflict



Restoring family links

Story of discovery: Beyond first aid


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The ICRC takes action at the global, regional and local levels to promote compliance with international humanitarian law and humanitarian principles. We work to raise awareness on critical issues of humanitarian concern.

Building respect for the law

Humanitarian diplomacy

How Does Law Protect in War? Online platform

Health care in danger

Safeguarding health