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Western Sahara: prisoners visited and repatriated by ICRC

20-12-1995 News Release 51

Between 7 and 16 December an ICRC team comprising three delegates and a nurse visited 720 Moroccan prisoners out of the 1,900 still held by the Polisario Front. During the visits, conducted in the Tindouf area, 24 men were seen and registered for the first time since their capture.

The prisoners visited were given the opportunity to write Red Cross messages which will be delivered to their families.

The ICRC remains ready to supervise the repatriation, at the earliest possible date, of all persons detained in connection with the Western Sahara conflict, independently of the overall settlement of the matter. 

Last November 185 Moroccan prisoners were repatriated under ICRC auspices. Seventy-two Sahrawis held by the Moroccan authorities were visited in Agadir in May and again in November in accordance with the ICRC's standard procedures.