The ICRC and data protection

27 January 2016
The ICRC and data protection
BY-NC-ND / ICRC / P. Moore

Safeguarding the personal data of individuals, particularly in testing conditions, such as armed conflicts and other humanitarian emergencies, is an essential aspect of protecting people's lives, their physical and mental integrity, and their dignity – which makes it a matter of fundamental importance for the ICRC. It touches all areas of its activity, whether operational or administrative.

The ICRC recognizes the immense potential of new technologies for its humanitarian action, and we aim to incorporate them in our activities. But we are also keenly aware of the risks involved, and of the importance of developing appropriate data protection standards and putting them into effect.

As a result, the ICRC has adopted the ICRC rules on personal data protection, which enable us to remain at the forefront of international humanitarian action whilst safeguarding individual personal data, even in the most challenging circumstances.