International Committee of the Red Cross

Headquarters staff in Geneva

Article 11 January 2017

Why are your headquarters in Geneva?

What was to become the International Committee of the Red Cross met for the first time in February 1863 in Geneva, Switzerland. Among the five members was a local man named Henry Dunant, who a year earlier had published A Memory of Solferino – a passionate plea for improved care for wounded soldiers in wartime. By the end of the year the committee had brought together government representatives to agree on Dunant's proposal for national relief societies to help military medical services. And in August 1864 it persuaded governments to adopt the original Geneva Convention. This treaty obliged armies to care for wounded soldiers, whatever side they were on, and introduced a common emblem for medical services: a red cross on a white background.

We now have almost 1,000 staff at our headquarters in Geneva, representing the organization to the world, supporting all the activities we carry out in the field, developing programmes and policies, setting out overall strategy, and so on.

How can I apply for a position at headquarters?

All current job openings at headquarters are published on our job portal. Please make sure you filter your search, as shown below, and follow the instructions.

What are the terms for hiring at headquarters?

We employ mobile and resident staff on the following terms:

  • Staff are hired on a Geneva-based contract.
  • Contracts can be open-ended or short-term. Mobile staff go on an initial assignment lasting no more than four years; after completing the assignment, they are eligible for other roles at the ICRC. Resident staff assignments are not limited in duration.
  • We are able to employ staff irrespective of their nationality.
  • Job openings are published on the job portal.
  • Positions are filled by the standard recruitment process.
  • Accommodation is not provided but we will facilitate the relocation process.

What is the recruitment process for headquarters?