International Committee of the Red Cross

Jerusalem and the West Bank: Checkmating violence

Photo gallery 04 August 2016

A recent chess tournament to encourage self expression and intellectual stimulation as alternatives to violence brought together 76 players, including many children and teenagers.

The tournament was part of a series of youth activities that the ICRC has launched in Jerusalem during 2016.

As well as providing alternatives to violence, our youth activities raise awareness of our work and of three of the fundamental principles that guide it – humanity, neutrality, and impartiality.

"Chess requires cleverness, willingness, strength and toughness. These psychological aspects help develop students' personalities, because they're still young. It helps them become leaders, take the right decisions, find ways to develop themselves, be more independent and take decisions under pressure," said youth chess trainer Diaa' Ahmed Al Faqieh.

The tournament was organized by the Palestinian Chess Federation and the Qattana and Al Jib youth sports clubs. Entitled "Together for Humanity", it was sponsored by the International Committee of the Red Cross.

Other activities for young people have included a performance by the Palestinian Circus School in El-Hakawati theatre, which brought smiles to children's faces in Jerusalem, where many of them are forced to grow up too fast.