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02 October 2018

Geneva (ICRC) – On 2 October, the ICRC launched a pilot crowdfunding campaign to support crucial underfunded projects around the world.

Armed conflicts and violence ravage lives and put significant burdens on local communities.

The situation worsens when a lack of interest or funds lead to insufficient response by humanitarian organizations. In response to these needs, the ICRC's new crowdfunding platform aims to raise awareness and funds for the places, projects and people most in need.

With just one click, users discover how they can directly contribute to the relief of affected communities through meaningful, concrete and easily-implementable projects. These projects are developed and monitored by the ICRC in collaboration with local partners.

"For the ICRC, crowdfunding and the use of online channels represent an innovative way not only to raise funds but also to connect and engage with new and larger audiences who share our values and are willing to be part of life-changing humanitarian projects," said digital officer Malak Jaafar.

Every crowdfunding project starts small, focusing on a specific issue in a given country. They are supported by online campaigns that last a maximum of 30 days.

"Affected people are at the core of the projects. They are given the means to participate in the design and development of the project and to hold us accountable during the implementation phase and beyond," said crowdfunding project manager Coline Rapneau.

The first project to be featured is from Pakistan, and aims to increase the free and comprehensive treatment of 400 children suffering from clubfoot – a curable congenital disorder.

We are seeking to raise US $98,000 to get these children the treatment they need. Two additional projects in other countries will follow by the year's end.

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