International Committee of the Red Cross

Myanmar: One year on, struggles far from over for people of Rakhine

Photo gallery 28 August 2018

One year ago, on 25 August 2017, violence erupted in the northernmost part of Rakhine State and continued in the weeks and months that followed. All communities were directly or indirectly affected and many people were displaced within the State. Since then, more than 720,000 have fled across the border to Bangladesh and the impact of the violence continues to be felt by those who remain.

Since the beginning of the crisis, the Red Cross Movement has provided humanitarian assistance in northern areas of Rakhine. Altogether more than 280,000 people have received food, water, household items, health-care services, cash grants and livelihood assistance.

Through regular visit of prisons, we monitor and help improve the treatment of detainees and the conditions of detention. We have also collected more than 2,000 Red Cross messages from both sides of the border to restore communication between detainees and their relatives.

Humanitarian needs in Rakhine State are high. This is a protracted crisis and we are committed to assisting long-term, because meeting essential needs among communities, strengthening their resilience and supporting their livelihood will increase the chance of peace and stability being restored.