International Committee of the Red Cross

Somalia: Assisting people affected by conflict and drought in 2017

Article 05 February 2018

In 2017, the ICRC continued to help the people of Somalia affected by over 35 years of armed conflict and harsh climatic conditions like droughts and floods.

At the onset of the drought in Somalia, the ICRC assisted over 2.5 million persons of which 1.3 were assisted with financial, food, essential households, and livestock treatment. Over 480,000 people received medical assistance and more than 700,000 people received clean water and better sanitation. The detention teams made 43 visits to places of detention.

Highlights of our work in Somalia in 2017

Provided economic support to 581,600 people through cash relief, cash for work, and cash grantsDistributed emergency food and essential household items to 624,300 people Exchanged 71,300 Red Cross Messages to connect people separated from their loved ones Provided medical supplies that benefited over 410,800 people in primary health care Improved access to clean water for nearly 295,000 people through borehole and well projects Assessed the living conditions of 2,700 detainees to ensure they are treated humanely and with dignity


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