• What is RedSafe?

    A website and an app provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) that you can download for free and use to obtain humanitarian services.

  • What is the ICRC?

    The ICRC is an independent, neutral organisation ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of armed conflict and other situations of violence.

  • Is RedSafe part of the ICRC?

    Yes, Redsafe is designed and managed entirely by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

  • How can I get RedSafe?

    You can download RedSafe on your phone via Google Play or the Apple App Store, depending on which phone you have. You do need a smartphone to download the app.

  • Do I need a smartphone to be able to use RedSafe?

    Yes, you need a smartphone. However, you can also access it on the web with limited functionalities. https://redsafe.icrc.org

  • What are the services I can get in RedSafe?
    • Information as Aid (for assistance and protective measures).

    • Digital Vault (for uploading and safely storing digital copies of your most important documents and contacts).

    • Map of services (locate humanitarian services on a map to see their description, contact details and type of service they offer).

    • Alerts (receive alerts from the ICRC on your phone).

    • Messages (Send and receive pre-defined messages including geolocation, selfies and contact information with other app users).
  • Can I use RedSafe without registering?

    Yes, you can use Information as Aid, Map of Services and receive alerts without registering, but if you want to use the Digital Vault or the messages service you need to register.

  • Do I have to provide identity details to use RedSafe?

    If you want to register to be able to use the Digital Vault, you will need to provide an e-mail address and/or a phone number. You can choose which details to fill in in "settings".

  • Can I still use RedSafe if I change country?

    Yes, you can still use RedSafe when you go to a different country. You can select the country for which you want to receive Information as Aid or see the point of interest map. Please note that RedSafe is only available for a limited number of countries at the moment.

  • Is RedSafe available offline?

    Yes, certain features of RedSafe are available offline. For example, you can choose articles from Information as Aid that you want to access offline. You can also download the point of interest information or documents from your Digital Vault that you want accessible offline.

  • What happens if I lose my phone with my RedSafe account?

    You can access all your personal information by logging in with your details to the RedSafe website. You will then be able to access your articles and your Digital Vault documents. You will not be able to scan and upload documents from the website.

    To be able to scan and upload documents you will need to download the app on your new smartphone and log in with your details.

  • How does RedSafe protect my personal data?

    RedSafe is governed by ICRC Data Protection rules which protect and secure all personal data given to the ICRC for humanitarian purposes. Your personal data is safely stored on ICRC servers.

  • What data does RedSafe collect and what happens to it?

    RedSafe only keeps data (such as contacts and metadata) in an encrypted, and anonymous manner for a certain period of time in case you disappear and a family member approaches the Red Cross to search for you.

  • Who can view my data?

    Only a limited number of authorised ICRC staff members have access to certain data. This data is not shared with non-authorised staff nor with external organisations, authorities, etc.

  • Is my data shared with other organisations that are not the ICRC?

    No, your data is not shared with other organisations or any other external entities.

  • How will my data be transmitted from my phone to RedSafe platform?

    All the data sent from the phone to the platform is encrypted and therefore cannot be read by external parties.

  • Will my data be encrypted?

    Yes, all data is encrypted and unreadable by external parties.

  • Can I cancel my account in RedSafe if I no longer want to use it?

    Yes, you can cancel your RedSafe account whenever you want to.

  • Will my information be deleted if I cancel my account?

    Yes, the content of the Digital Vault will be deleted if you chose to cancel your account. The rest of your information will be stored in an encrypted and anonymous manner, for use in case you disappear and a family member approaches the Red Cross to search for you.