ICRC-EUISS Colloquium

The ICRC and the European Union Institute for Security Studies regularly organise a colloquium on a thematic humanitarian issue of interest to the European Union and the ICRC.

In 2010, the first joint EUISS - ICRC colloquium dealt with contemporary challenges to humanitarian work in armed conflict. The report can be downloaded here.

2010 report

The 2012 edition focused on urban violence. The aim was to present the causes and humanitarian consequences of urban violence, together with related trends and challenges for the European Union and humanitarian agencies. The report can be downloaded here.

2012 report

On September 30, 2014 the third ICRC-EUISS colloquium was organised on the theme of "Women and Armed Conflicts and the issue of Sexual Violence". Three topics were discussed: the protection of women in armed conflicts, sexual violence in armed conflicts, and the role of women in peacebuilding processes. The report can be downloaded here.

Report Women and War

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