Australia: Review launch in Melbourne

28 June 2012

ICRC director of operations Pierre Krähenbühl recently launched "Understanding armed groups and the applicable law," the latest edition of the International Review of the Red Cross, at the National Office of the Australian Red Cross in Melbourne.

Addressing an audience of over 60 Australian Red Cross staff and volunteers, members of the humanitarian sector, academics and students, Krähenbühl spoke of the challenges that the humanitarian sector is facing and provided insights into specific situations of armed violence. He noted the increasing complexities on the battlefield and the humanitarian problems that can arise with the involvement of numerous armed groups.

"The genuine interest from a range of sectors in the Review demonstrates that it has a unique role to play in ensuring detailed and robust dialogue on cutting edge issues relating to humanitarian law and policy," noted Helen Durham, Head of International Law at the Australian Red Cross. "As a National Society we greatly value a journal where theory and practice meet."